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CA Counties A Antiques Dealer

California Antique Dealers, Sellers, Collectors and Buyers
Antique Dealers in CA

Cities Counties

Anaheim CA Garden Grove CA Norwalk CA San Diego CA Burbank CA Glendale CA Oceanside CA San Francisco CA Chula Vista CA Huntington Beach CA Ontario CA San Jose CA Costa Mesa CA Long Beach CA Pasadena CA Santa Ana CA Fullerton CA Los Angeles CA Riverside CA Torrance CA Alameda County Alpine County Amador County Butte County Calaveras County Colusa County Contra Costa County Del Norte County El Dorado County Fresno County Glenn County Humboldt County Imperial CountyInyo County Kern County Kings County Lake County Lassen County Los Angeles County Madera County Marin County Mariposa County Mendocino County Merced County Modoc County Mono County Monterey County Napa County Nevada County Orange CountyPlacer County Plumas County Riverside County Sacramento County San Benito County San Bernardino County San Diego County San Francisco CountySan Joaquin County San Luis Obispo County San Mateo County Santa Barbara County Santa Clara County anta Cruz County Shasta County Sierra County Siskiyou County Solano County Sonoma County Stanislaus County Sutter County Tehama County Trinity CountyTulare County Tuolumne County Ventura County Yolo CountyYuba County Alameda County CA Marin County CA San Mateo County CA Alpine County CA Mariposa County CA Santa Barbara County CA Amador County CA Mendocino County CA Santa Clara County CA Butte County CA Merced County CA Santa Cruz County CA Calaveras County CA Modoc County CA Shasta County CA Colusa County CA Mono County CA Sierra County CA Contra Costa County CA Monterey County CA Siskiyou County CA Del Norte County CA Napa County CA Solano County CA El Dorado County CA Nevada County CA Sonoma County CA Fresno County CA Orange County CA Stanislaus County CA Glenn County CA Placer County CA Sutter County CA Humboldt County CA Plumas County CA Tehama County CA Imperial County CA Riverside County CA Trinity County CA Inyo County CA Sacramento County CA Tulare County CA Kern County CA San Benito County CA Tuolumne County CA Kings County CA San Bernardino County CA Ventura County CA Lake County CA San Diego County CA Yolo County CA Lassen County CA San Francisco County CA Yuba County CA Los Angeles County CA San Joaquin County CA Madera County CA San Luis Obispo County CA

Antique Dealers in Marin County, CA

Belly Up Liqudators (415) 458-2855 0 Fairfax, CA 949301593 Sir Francis Drake Boul
Cottage (415) 454-3138 0 Fairfax, CA 94930779 Ctr Boulv
Simply Elegant Home Fashions (415) 460-1666 332 Sir Francis Drake Boulv, 94960
California Marin County San Anselmo

Shadows (415) 459-0574 www.shadowsbridal.com429 San Anselmo Avenue, 94960
A Dove Place Antiques Cnsgnmnt (415) 453-1490 www.doveplaceantiques.com160 Sir Francis Drake Boulv, 94960
Pavillion Antiques (415) 459-2002 www.pavillionantiques.com610 Sir Francis Drake Boulv, 94960
Yankee Girl Antiques (415) 460-0400 San Anselmo, CA 94960328 Sir Francis Drake Boul
Vintage Flamingo (415) 721-7275 San Anselmo, CA 94960528 San Anselmo Avnue
Antiques Legacy (415) 457-7166 San Anselmo, CA 94960204 Sir Francis Drake Boul
Zaragoza Antiques (415) 485-5061 San Anselmo, CA 94960316 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Grasshopper (415) 455-8580 San Anselmo, CA 94960500 San Anselmo Avenu
Aurora Gallery (415) 459-6822 San Anselmo, CA 94960306 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Creekside Antiques (415) 457-1266 San Anselmo, CA 94960145 Butterfield Rd
Sanford's Antiques (415) 454-4731 San Anselmo, CA 9496010 Bank St
San Anselmo Country Store (415) 258-0922 San Anselmo, CA 94960312 Sir Francis Drake Boul
Laurel House Antiques (415) 454-8472 www.laurelhouseantiques.com30 Sir Francis Drake Boulv, 94957
California Marin County Ross

John Ristow Gallery (415) 898-1185 Kentfield, CA 94904937 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard www.twiceisniceantiques.com1015 Second Strt, 94901
California Marin County San Rafael

San Rafael Auction Gallery (415) 457-4488 www.sanrafaelauction.com634 Fifth Av, 94901 Chinese Antique Furniture (415) 721-7688 San Rafael, CA 94901888 Fourth Strt Angel Estates Antiques (415) 454-1513 San Rafael, CA 94901877 Fourth Str Lissa Cooley Antiques Apprsls (415) 453-5112 San Rafael, CA 94901 Portobello Road (415) 257-6300 San Rafael, CA 949011000 Fifth Avn # Center M C Bowers Antiques (415) 454-6970 San Rafael, CA 94901861 Fourth St Collier Lighting (415) 454-6672 San Rafael, CA 949013100 Kerner Boulv # L John Ristow Gallery (415) 898-1185 Greenbrae, CA 94904937 Sir Francis Drake Blvd R W Estate Sales (415) 488-4012 Woodacre, CA 94973Po Box 226 Valente's Appraisals (415) 488-9723 Woodacre, CA 94973PO Box 313 Maison REVE (415) 383-9700 www.maisonreve.com11 Throckmorton Avnue, 94941
California Marin County Mill Valley

Redwoods (415) 383-2741 40 Camino Alto, 94941
California Marin County Mill Valley

Antique Dealers in Santa Clara County, CA

Antiques By Cheesecake (408) 866-9547 Campbell, CA 9500880 Gilman Aven
Asiatic Treasures (408) 369-8606 Campbell, CA 95008347 East Campbell Avn
Magpies (408) 374-5445 Campbell, CA 95008381 East Campbell Avenu Sierra Toy Soldier (408) 866-8118 Campbell, CA 950081350 Dell Aven
Time Tunnel Vintage Toys (408) 298-1709 www.timetunneltoys.com532 South Bascom Avenue, 95128
California Santa Clara County San Jose

A Austin Jewelers (408) 865-1500 www.austinjewelrybuyer.com1072 South De Anza Boulevard # A106, 95129
Antiques Colony (408) 293-9844 www.antiquelighting.net1881 West San Carlos Str, 95128
Antique Market (408) 275-1129 San Jose, CA 95128481 South Bascom Avenu
Antique Memories & Collectable (408) 977-1758 San Jose, CA 951282314 Stevens Cr Boul
Briarwood Antiques & Cllctbls (408) 292-1720
San Jose, CA 951281885 West San Carlos St
Unique Antique (408) 241-1551 San Jose, CA 951282980 Stevens Crk Boulv
Cindy's Custom Crafts Antiques (408) 371-2228 San Jose, CA 9512414934 Camden Av
Backntyme Estate Services (408) 482-7416 San Jose, CA 95118
Bruce's Antiques & Collectible (408) 292-4356 San Jose, CA 951281883 West San Carlos Strt
Annette's Antiques (408) 289-1929 San Jose, CA 951281887 West San Carlos Str
Eurasia Antiques (408) 283-0582 San Jose, CA 951251220 Curtiss Aven
Labro Antiques (408) 298-2817 San Jose, CA 951281864 W San Carlos Str
J & J Antiques (408) 436-8040 San Jose, CA 951121780 Old Bayshore Highway
Berry (408) 269-6931 San Jose, CA 951185474 Yale Drive
Capitol Flea Market (408) 225-5800 San Jose, CA 951363630 Hillcap Ave San Jose, CA 95128522 South Bascom Av
Langston Tom (408) 448-2647 San Jose, CA 951251762 Wilcox Wy
Antiques Timeless (408) 316-5211 San Jose, CA 951281134 Rickenbacker
Not Too Shabby (408) 264-8264 San Jose, CA 951184724 Meridian Avenue (408) 365-9044 San Jose, CA 95119117 Bernal Rd
Back In The Day (408) 259-0145 San Jose, CA 95127784 Linda Vist St
Steven R Frank Antiques (408) 205-9384 San Jose, CA 95124
Burbank Antiques (408) 292-3204 San Jose, CA 951281893 West San Carlos St

Antique Dealers in San Mateo County, CA

Collective Antiques (650) 347-2171
www.collectiveantiques.com55 East Third Ave, 94401
Smoot Kris (650) 345-2926
California San Mateo County San Mateo

Dream (650) 458-9906 www.dreaminparis.com905 S Claremont Street, 94402
Barwick's Look What I Found (650) 200-8637 San Mateo, CA 944011309 Monroe Avenue
Canterbury Antiques (650) 570-7010 San Mateo, CA 944021705 Gum Street
Squires & Corrie Slot Machines (650) 342-6737 San Mateo, CA 94401373 South Claremont Str
Come C (650) 571-8084 San Mateo, CA 94402118 S Boulevard
Antique Market Warehouse (650) 525-1849 San Mateo, CA 944021037 South Claremont Street
Atherton Antiques-Consignments (650) 363-1316 San Mateo, CA 9440255 West Fifth Avenue # 8C
Hillborough Antique Show (650) 574-7087 San Mateo, CA 944042029 Fashion Is Boulevard
Saga Antiques (650) 592-6221 www.sagaantiques.com2217 Thurm Ave, 94002
California San Mateo County Belmont

Sutterfield Tribal Art Gallery (650) 348-3422 Burlingame, CA 940101174 Broadway # B
Treasure House Antique Arts (650) 375-8368 Burlingame, CA 940101305 Broadway
Harvey Antiques (415) 431-8888 Burlingame, CA 94010915 Howard Avenue
Graffeo Leather Collection (650) 558-0885 Burlingame, CA 940101452 Broadway
Awesome Antiques (650) 685-8000 Burlingame, CA 940101155 California Drv
Decorator's Connection (650) 591-6600 www.athertonantiques.com853 Industrial Rd, 94070
California San Mateo County San Carlos

Shirley Crawford Antiques (650) 344-8555 San Carlos, CA 940701976 White Oak Wy
Laurel Street Antiques (650) 593-1152 San Carlos, CA 94070671 Laurel St
Antiques Then & Now (650) 654-2784 San Carlos, CA 940701121 Industrial Rd
Felicity's Collectibles (650) 593-9559 San Carlos, CA 94070600 Laurel St
Victorian Decorative Arts (650) 596-6108 San Carlos, CA 940701149 Cherry Str
Wargo Enterprises Rare Coins (650) 697-7270 www.wargoenterprises.comP.O. BOX 390, 94030
California San Mateo County Millbrae

TTR (650) 871-7143 Millbrae, CA 940301350 El Camino Real
Eclectic Antiques (650) 364-1549 www.henryseclecticantiques.com837 Main Street, 94063
Buy Sell Loan (650) 368-6855 www.buysellloan.com673 El Camino Real, 94063
California San Mateo County Redwood City

Silver Crest Antiques (650) 851-4552 Redwood City, CA 940622995 Woodside Rd 400
Curious Things (650) 363-9384 Redwood City, CA 940632033 Broadway Street
Vintage (650) 365-7677 Redwood City, CA 94062130 Sheridan Wy
Aurora Borealis (415) 285-8996 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019501 San Mateo Rd Hwy 92)

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