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UK London Antique Museum Shows

England and UK Museumns Events Antiques Shows Fairs and Listings for English Antique Dealers, Sellers, Collectors and Buyers

Antiques Dealer Shows in 2012

January 30-February 1
Lincolnshire Showground
Lincoln, LN2 2NA UK
Trade Day set up for dealers: Mon 9 am-5 pm
Reg Hours: Tues 7 am-5 pm & Wed 8 am-4 pm
Manager: Arthur Swallow Fairs, 
Richard Burgoin, Anna Burgoin
Phone from USA: 01144 1298 27493

February 2-3
Thursday & Friday
Newark & Nottinghamshire
Newark, Nottinghamshire, England
Thurs 9 am-6 pm & Fri 8 am-4 pm
Manager: Rachel Everett
+44 (0) 1636 702326

Antique Shows in England, UK Museum Exhibitions dates London locations 2009 -2010

Andrew Gifford Budapest Paintings
John Martin Gallery 38 Albemarle Street London W1S 4JG 44(0)207-499-1314
London International Fine Art Fair
Olympia June 4-13 2010. Paintings, Antiques, Sculpture, Furniture, Jewelry, Silver Textiles,a and Objects de Art.

March 4-6 Thursday-Saturday
45 EXHIBITORS The Pavilion North Parade Road Bath, Somerset, UK BA2 4EU Thurs, March 4, 12-8 pm Trade Only Reg Public Hours: Fri 11 am-7 pm & Sat 10 am-5 pm +44(0) 1225 333130; Fax: +44(0) 7710 107464

March 17-23 Wednesday-Tuesday
APPROX 100 EXHIBITORS Duke of York Square off Sloane Square London, UK Charity Benefit: Thurs, March 18, 6:30-11:30 pm Reg Hours: Wed 11 am-9 pm; Thurs 11 am-5:30 pm; Fri & Mon 11 am-8 pm; Sat, Sun & Tues 11 am-6 pm Sponsor: The British Antique Dealers’ Association Manager: Gillian Craig 877-872-0778 (freefone from USA)

The British Museum Events Listings

Wednesday 13 January
10.00–17.00 Conservation in focus: re-papering the sarangbang Demonstration Free 13.15 The Vale of York Viking Hoard Gallery talk Free
Thursday 14 January
10.00–12.30 Moctezuma handling session for visually impaired people Access session Free 10.00–17.00 Conservation in focus: re-papering the sarangbang Demonstration Free 11.00–16.00 Tree of life sculpture demonstrations Demonstration Free 13.15 Key moments of printmaking in Mexico 1910 – 1960 Gallery talk Free 16.00–17.30 Migration and social suffering Lecture Free 18.30 The future of cities: hazards and environmental change Lecture £
Friday 15 January
10.00–17.00 Conservation in focus: re-papering the sarangbang Demonstration Free 11.00–17.00 Mexican sculpture Workshop £ 13.15 Treasures from temples, tombs and palaces Gallery talk Free 13.30 British Museum documentary: Moctezuma Documentary Free 18.30 Alquimia: music performance Performance £
Saturday 16 January
11.00–17.00 Mexican sculpture Workshop £ 11.30–15.30 Egypt explorers Family activity Free 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 & 15.00 Celtic tales storytelling Family activity Free 13.15 Mesopotamian temples Gallery talk Free 13.15 Curator's introduction to Moctezuma (S) Lunchtime lecture Free
Sunday 17 January
11.00 & 14.00 St George and the dragon animation workshop Family activity Free 11.00–16.00 Tree of life sculpture demonstrations Demonstration Free
Tuesday 19 January
13.15 Object and image: pre-Hispanic and colonial Mexico Gallery talk Free 18.30 BBC World Service: The Forum Special event Free
Wednesday 20 January
13.15 Ritual and honour in Plains Indian art Gallery talk Free
Thursday 21 January
13.15 Materials and techniques of the Nebamun wall paintings Gallery talk Free 18.30 The Spanish conquest and its aftermath Lecture £ 18.30–19.45 Morgan Szymanski: guitar music Performance Free
Friday 22 January
13.15 Sculptures of the Parthenon Gallery talk Free 13.15 Introduction to the Olduvai handaxe Lunchtime lecture Free 18.30 Songs of the Revolution Performance £ 18.30 Orozco: Man of Fire Film £
Saturday 23 January
11.30–15.30 Make a music video Family activity Free 12.00, 13.45 & 15.30 Make a Mexican headdress Family activity Free 13.15 Reliquaries and caskets from Medieval Europe Gallery talk Free 13.30 Rivera in America Documentary Free
Sunday 24 January
11.30 – 15.30 Create a comic Family activity Free
Tuesday 26 January
13.15 The Maori meeting house Gallery talk Free
Wednesday 27 January
13.15 Money before Augustus Gallery talk Free 14.15 The Staffordshire Hoard – Anglo-Saxon warrior treasure Gallery talk Free
Thursday 28 January
13.15 An introduction to the John Addis gallery of Islamic art Gallery talk Free 16.00–17.30 Migration and human trafficking Lecture Free 18.30–20.30 What makes us human? Evening event Free 18.30 The corpse of Emiliano Zapata: the story of a photograph Lecture £ 18.30 From Antiquity to the Enlightenment: the origins of the British Museum Lecture £
Friday 29 January
13.15 Writing revolutionary art: Eduardo Galeano on Mexico Gallery talk Free 18.30 Time in the Sun Film £ 19.00–20.00 Frida Kahlo: Viva la Vida Performance £
Saturday 30 January
10.30, 12.30 & 14.30 Relic: Guardians of the Museum Screening Free 11.30–15.30 Digital discovery activities Family activity Free 11.30, 13.30 & 15.00 The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Family performance Free 13.15 War and captivity in American Indian art Gallery talk Free 19.00–20.00 Frida Kahlo: Viva la Vida Performance £
February 2010
Monday 1 February
13.30–16.30 Exploring drawing Course £ 18.30 London Review of Books lecture: Objects of history: the purpose and politics of the British Museum Lecture £
Tuesday 2 February
13.15 Native American warfare: continuity and change Gallery talk Free
Wednesday 3 February
13.15 Olduvai Gorge chopping tool and handaxe Gallery talk Free
Thursday 4 February
13.15 Bird-shaped pestle Gallery talk Free 18.30 The Iraq National Library and Archive at a time of national crisis: difficult choices and unanticipated challenges Lecture £ 18.30 Art and revolution in Mexico 1910–1950 Lecture £
Friday 5 February
13.15 Preventive conservation at the British Museum Gallery talk Free 19.00–20.00 Songs of life and hope: Mexican poetry from the first half of the 20th century Performance £
Saturday 6 February
10.00–16.00 Printmaking workshop Workshop £ 11.30–15.30 Digital discovery activities Family activity Free 13.15 Narrating Mexico: printmaking, literature and other stories (S) Gallery talk Free
Sunday 7 February
11.30 & 14.30 Sound bytes podcasting workshop Family activity Free
Monday 8 February
18.30 London Review of Books lecture: Shakespeare and the shudder Lecture £
Tuesday 9 February
13.15 Wren and friends: baroque treasures Gallery talk Free
Wednesday 10 February
13.15 Maya maize god statue Gallery talk Free
Thursday 11 February
13.15 The Great Tutbury Coin Hoard Gallery talk Free 16.00–17.30 Migration and democracy Lecture Free 18.30 The iconographies of identity: contemporary art and the mythologies of 'Mexicanness' Lecture £ 18.30 The oracular sanctuary of Apollo at Abai (Kalapodi): new excavations at one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Greece Lecture Free
Friday 12 February
13.15 The modern history of the Greek Bronze Age Gallery talk Free 14.00 & 15.00 The Way of Tea Demonstration Free 18.30 Reed: Insurgent Mexico Film £
Saturday 13 February
11.00–18.00 LGBT History Month film day: Loudest Whispers Film Free 11.30, 12.30, 14.00 & 15.00 African beats Family activity Free 11.30–15.30 Make a music video Family activity Free 13.15 Jomon pot Gallery talk Free
Sunday 14 February
11.30–15.30 Green screen time machine Family activity Free 12.00 & 15.00 Perfect puppets Family activity £
Monday 15 February
11.00–16.00 Guardians of the past Family activity Free 18.30 London Review of Books lecture: The rhetoric of war and intervention Lecture £
Tuesday 16 February
11.00–16.00 Guardians of the past Family activity Free 13.15 Mummy portraits in Egypt: scientific insights Gallery talk Free
Wednesday 17 February
11.00–16.00 Guardians of the past Family activity Free 13.15 Early writing tablet Gallery talk Free
Thursday 18 February
11.00–16.00 Guardians of the past Family activity Free 11.00–15.30 Museum studies: student day Study day Free 13.15 Shields and tomahawks: Plains Indian weapons Gallery talk Free 18.30–20.30 Poetry, mathematics and myth Evening event Free 18.30 The first gay kiss? Same–sex desire in ancient Egypt Lecture £
Friday 19 February
11.00–16.00 Guardians of the past Family activity Free 13.15 Swimming reindeer Gallery talk Free 18.30 Let's Go with Pancho Villa Film £
Saturday 20 February
11.30–15.30 Green screen time machine Family activity Free 10.30–16.30 Open University: Exploring the Classical World Study day £ 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 & 15.00 Greek myths storytelling Family activity Free 13.15 Jade axe Gallery talk Free
Sunday 21 February
11.00 & 14.00 Greeks alive! animation workshop Family activity Free 11.00–17.00 Scalps, headhunting and sacrifice: war and warfare in indigenous Americas Symposium Free
Tuesday 23 February
13.15 Coins and collecting in the Enlightenment Gallery talk Free
Wednesday 24 February
13.15 Mexican past Gallery talk Free
Thursday 25 February
13.15 Rhind Mathematical Papyrus Gallery talk Free 13.15 Introduction to the statue of Ramesses II Lunchtime lecture Free 16.00–17.30 Migration and the clinic Lecture Free 18.30 Mexican traditions and popular culture in Posada's time Lecture £
Friday 26 February
13.15 Animals and people in Native North America Gallery talk Free 14.00 & 15.00 The Way of Tea Demonstration Free 18.30 Viva Zapata! Film £
Saturday 27 February
11.30, 13.30 & 15.30 Making mummies Family activity Free 11.30–15.30 Create a comic Family activity Free 13.15 Mold Gold Cape Gallery talk Free
Sunday 28 February
11.30 & 14.30 Sound bytes podcasting workshop Family activity Free Future events for your diary
Saturday 6 March 2010
10.30–17.30 Classics day Study session £
Thursday 11 March 2010
13.15 Key moments of printmaking in Mexico 1910–1960 Gallery talk
Saturday 13 March 2010
AD 410: The end of Roman Britain Conference £
Sunday 14 March 2010
AD 410: The end of Roman Britain Conference £
Thursday 18 March 2010
13.15 The Life and Death of Frida Kahlo Lunchtime documentary
Saturday 20 March 2010
13.15 Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros: the Mexican muralists as printmakers Gallery talk
Thursday 25 March 2010
18.30–19.45 Morgan Szymanski: guitar music Evening performance
Saturday 27 March 2010
10.30–16.30 Open University: From Enlightenment to Romanticism, c. 1780–1830 Study day £
Saturday 15 May 2010
10.30–16.30 Open University: Renaissance art reconsidered Study day £
Friday 21 May 2010
14.00–17.00 Italian Renaissance engraving workshop Workshop £
Sunday 23 May 2010
11.00–17.00 Open University: Stories and myths across time and cultures Study day £
Friday 28 May
2010 14.00–16.30 Renaissance drawing techniques workshop Workshop £ Saturday 29 May 2010
10.00–17.00 Stone carving Workshop £
Saturday 5 June 2010
10.30–16.30 Open University: Introducing religions Study day £
Saturday 17 July 2010
10.00–17.00 Stone carving Workshop

Listings below taken from VA website

V & A Victorian Albert Museum events

At the End of the Day
a displacement flag, Natasha Kerr, 2007. Museum no. T.43-2008 20 March - 4 July 2010 Supported by the Friends of the V&A Exhibitions, Room 39 and North Court £10 Adults £ 8 Seniors £ 6 Students, 12-17 yrs, ES40 Holders Members go free. For more information click here. This exhibition will showcase the V&A's collection of patchwork and quilted covers to bring together over 300 years of British quilting history, from the spectacular bed hangings and silk coverlets of the 18th century, to the creative reinvention of the quilt by contemporary artists.
Grace Kelly: Style Icon
Photograph by Erwin Blumenfeld, New York, 1955. Copyright The Estate of Erwin Blumenfeld 2009. 17 April - 26 September 2010 Fashion, Room 40 Admission charge will apply The spectacular wardrobe of Grace Kelly will be on display at the V&A. Tracing the evolution of her style from her days as one of Hollywoods most popular actresses in the 1950s and as Princess Grace of Monaco, the display will present over 50 of Grace Kelly's outfits together with hats, jewellery and the original Hermès Kelly bag. Dresses from her films, including High Society, will be shown as well as the gown she wore to accept her Oscar award in 1955. These will be accompanied by film clips and posters, photographs and her Oscar statuette. The display will also include the lace ensemble worn by Grace Kelly for her civil marriage ceremony to Prince Rainier in 1956 and 35 haute couture gowns from the 1960s and 70s by her favourite couturiers Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves St Laurent.
The Half by Simon Annand
Daniel Craig Photo Simon Annand 25 January – 11 April 2010 Theatre and Performance, Room 104 Free admission This display will showcase the work of Simon Annand, photographer of leading actors in the West End for the last 20 years. It provides a rare glimpse into the dressing rooms of actors in the precious, private few moments before the show: The Half. This half an hour before curtain up is used for focus and concentration and is strictly private. All members of the public are required to leave. Whatever has gone on during the day, the actor must use this time to make a transition into the fictional character of the play. There is no escape. These photographs pay tribute to the dedication of stage actors and reveal not only technical skills but also aspects of a very personal nightly ritual.
The Metropolitan Police Service's Investigation of Fakes and Forgeries
The Amarna Princess, created in Bolton 2003, sold for £440,000 and seized by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Art & Antiques Unit in 2006 23 January – 7 February 2010 Rooms 17a & 18a Free admission In this display, The Metropolitan Police Service's Art and Antiques Unit will showcase some of the investigative methods involved in detecting and preventing the increasingly sophisticated crime of art forgery. Using historical and contemporary criminal cases, the broader financial and cultural impacts of art forgery on modern society are considered. Exhibits will include the diverse body of work assembled by the forger, Shaun Greenhalgh, who executed such fake "masterpieces" as the Egyptian Amarna princess and paintings purporting to be the work of the English artist, L.S. Lowry.
My Generation: The Glory Years of British Rock
Jimi Hendrix Photo Harry Goodwin 30 April – 24 October 2010 Theatre and Performance, Room 104 Free admission Top of the Pops was launched by the BBC on New Year's Day in 1964, and went on to become the longest-running TV show in British history. On that night the Rolling Stones were the opening band; the photographer was Harry Goodwin. This display will bring together 200 of Harry Goodwin's most striking and memorable photographs, from a shocked Bob Dylan (temporarily blinded by Harry's flash in punishment for grumpiness) to a dramatic shot of Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar with his teeth. These images capture the mood and style of the 60s and 70s, and the impact of its musical stars. They celebrate those who are still actively part of the contemporary music scene and those who are remembered with veneration and affection. As the show's resident photographer from 1964 to 1973, Harry Goodwin's unique collection of photographs remembers them all.
Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill
The Walpole Cabinet, designed by Horace Walpole and William Kent, cabinet attributed to William Hallett, figures by J.F. Verskovis and medallions by Andrea Pozzo, 1743. Museum no. W.52-1925 6 March - 4 July 2010 Admission charge will apply This will be the first major exhibition on Horace Walpole, the most important English collector of the eighteenth century, and will bring together many of his most remarkable objects. Walpole was the first to systematically assemble the visual evidence of English history, and the first to recognise the importance of the portrait miniature to the history of British art.
A Fairyland of Flowers: Beatrix Potter and Cicely Mary Barker
Cicely Mary Barker (1895–1973) Illustration of the Pink Fairies for Flower Fairies of the Garden 1944. Reproduction of Flower Fairy illustrations, © The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker, 2009 21 December 2009 – 14 June 2010 Leighton, Room 102 Free admission This small display will feature illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker. In her fascination with natural history and scientific observation, Barker has often been associated with Beatrix Potter. Both were strongly influenced by what Potter described as the Pre-Raphaelites' 'niggling but absolutely genuine admiration for copying natural details'. Their principal concern was to explore the world of the imagination while remaining faithful to the true likeness of things. Sketching always from life, Barker and Potter show a keen eye for natural beauty and a botanist's concern for scientific accuracy.
Gargoyles and Shadows: Gothic Architecture and 19th-Century Photography
Photograph, Westminster, with The Henry VII Chapel and Clock Tower of The Houses of Parliament, Stephen Ayling, U.K., about 1869 7 January – 16 May 2010 Architecture, Room 128a Free admission Drawing on the V&A's rich holdings of 19th-century photographs, this display will examine the relationship that developed between photography and architectural practice in the 19th century and explore how photography facilitated the re-discovery of an idealised past. The display will also address the role played by photography in the recording of buildings before demolition and its use as a tool for preserving the national architectural heritage.
Contemporary Architecture
Chashitsu Tetsu, Terunobu Fujimori, 2005 8 June - 30 August 2010 The Porter Gallery and throughout the Museum Free admission The V&A is commissioning a group of international architects to build a series of structures throughout the Museum which will respond to the theme of the 'retreat'. The starting point for these experimental projects will be the idea of a small enclosed space representing an escape from the chaos of urban life to an area for peace, contemplation, shelter or creativity. One of the central aims of the exhibition is to move away from explaining architecture through drawings and models and instead allow the visitor to experience the architecture itself.
Capturing the Imagination: British Fairy-tale Illustrations 1860-1940
Charles Robinson, Goblins cross-examining a baby whom one of them has captured (detail). Museum no. E.172-1982 18 December 2009 - 12 June 2010 Leighton, Room 102 Free admission This display will feature watercolours by artists of the Golden Age of illustration, including Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac. It explores their imaginative responses to folk tales and fairyland.
Serge Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes, 1909 - 1929
Design For Life
Handbag design incorporating architectural lines from the V&A, Holly Cowan. Photo Irini Papadimitriou. 26 April – 6 June 2010 Rooms 17a & 18a Free admission See handbags, lighting, cutlery and many other products created by young people and inspired by museum collections, in this display. Working with professional designers, these young people took part in the Design For Life project, developing their talents and acquiring new skills. Design For Life is a partnership project led by the V&A with Bolton Museum and Archive Service, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Manchester City Art Gallery, Museums Sheffield and the Shipley Art Gallery, Tyne & Wear. It is part of the DCMS/DCSF strategic commissioning programme.
Shadow Catchers
Invocation, Adam Fuss, 1992. Museum no. E.693-1993 12 October 2010 - 23 January 2011 The Porter Gallery Admission charge will apply Shadow Catchers will present the work of five international artists who, for the last twenty years or more, have been challenging the assumption that a camera is necessary to make a photograph. By casting shadows on light sensitive paper or chemically manipulating its surface these artists seemingly capture the presence of objects, figures or glowing light. The results are exciting images often with surreal or abstract effects and symbolic content. These camera-less techniques were explored at the dawn of photography and have now been rediscovered by contemporary image makers. On display will be unique and beautifully crafted works by Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Adam Fuss, Garry Fabian Miller and Floris Neusüss.
Designers of the Future
Design student in the Cast Courts Photo by Rebecca Reynolds 15 June – 31 July 2010 Room 220, Sackler Centre Free admission This display will showcase work by art and design students from the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art inspired by the V&A and its collections. A related conference exploring museum and higher education collaboration will take place in July 2010. In partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design (CETLD)
Objects of Luxury: French porcelain of the eighteenth century
Sugar basin and cover, Saint-Cloud, about 1700-20, Museum no. 487-1909 18 September 2009 - end May 2010 Room 146 Free admission Celebrate one of the most exciting discoveries of the 18th century in this display. Known as 'white gold', porcelain was produced for use in all aspects of fashionable public and private life; from banquets to boudoirs, from tea drinking to the toilette. The sensuous charm of the 'soft-paste' porcelain produced in France earned it universal admiration. This display will introduce the major French factories, including the Royal Porcelain Manufacture at Sèvres, and will demonstrate the wide variety of objects they could provide for their fashionable clientele.
Richard Slee: From Utility to Futility
Richard Slee, Philosophy, 2008. Photo by Zul Mukhida. 5 June 2010 - 3 April 2011 Room 146 Free admission Richard Slee is a renowned British artist who has built up an international reputation. For this display, he will present new works specifically for the two large wall cases and three free-standing cases in the Ceramics galleries. While Slee's primary medium remains ceramics, he has ventured into other materials, processes, and subject matter. With characteristic irony, these latest works will explore such themes as the demise of male DIY, and the shift in the crafts from items of everyday utility to autonomous art objects.
The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement in Britain, 1860-1900
Portrait of Mrs. Luke lonides, William Blake Richmond, England, early 20th century. Museum no. E.1062-2003. April - July 2011 Admission charge will apply This will be the first international exhibition to explore the unconventional creativity of the Aesthetic Movement in Britain (1860-1900). The well spring of the 'new art' movements of the late 19th century, Aestheticism is now acknowledged for its revolutionary re-negotiation of the relationships between the artist and society, between the 'fine' and design arts, as well as between art and ethics and art and criticism.
'Casablanca', sideboard, Ettore Sottsass, made by Memphis, 1981. Museum no. W.14-1990 24 September 2011 - 8 January 2012 Rooms 38 and 39, and North Court Admission charge will apply The ideas of Postmodernism emerged first in architecture. While the Modernist slogan had been 'less is more', architects like Robert Venturi, Michael Graves and Aldo Rossi insisted that 'less is a bore'. They took a new interest in buildings from the past, and from popular phenomena such as highway strip malls. Though few of these early Postmodern buildings were actually constructed, the ideas forwarded by this "paper architecture" became hugely influential on everything from furniture to graphics. The exhibition will also look at the popular side of Postmodernism, especially the music of the time: raves, New Wave, Hip-hop and graffiti art. With the help of the new design medium of the pop-promo video, the new Postmodern celebrities-like Grace Jones, Boy George and Madonna-became famous, most of all, for being famous. Their relationship to the media was more self-conscious, more ironic, and more artfully designed than the popular culture icons of any previous period. The exhibition ends on a spectacular note, with a section devoted to the boom years of the 1980s, in London and New York, across Europe, and in East Asia, Latin America and Africa. Wherever you went, speed, excess, and fame were the key words of the moment. Design was big business. Now it was not just architects who thought that More was More.

Listings below taken from The Tate Museum website

Tate Britain Future Exhibitions

27 January – 16 May 2010 Henry Moore 24 February – 8 August 2010 British Comic Art 9 June – 5 September 2010 Tate Britain Duveens Commission 2010 29 June – 28 November 2010 Eadweard Muybridge 8 September 2010 – 16 January 2011 Rachel Whiteread: Drawings 8 September 2010 – 16 January 2011 Turner Prize 2010 5 October 2010 – 2 January 2011

Tate Modern Future Exhibitions

Michael Rakowitz 22 January – 3 May 2010 Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World 4 February – 16 May 2010 Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective 10 February – 3 May 2010 Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera 28 May – 19 September 2010 Francis Alÿs 15 June – 5 September 2010 Gauguin 30 September 2010 – 16 January 2011 The Unilever Series: 2010 12 October 2010 – 25 April 2011

Tate Liverpool Future Exhibitions

Journeys through the Black Atlantic 29 January – 25 April 2010 Picasso: Peace and Freedom 21 May – 30 August 2010 Nam June Paik 17 December 2010 – 13 March 2011

Tate St Ives Future Exhibitions

and the Tate Collection 23 January – 3 May 2010

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