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Washinton DC Antiques Dealers

Washington DC Antique Dealers, Sellers, Collectors and Buyers
Antique Dealers in DC

Antique Dealers in Washington D.C.

Dragonfly Asian Antiques (202) 265-3359 www.dragonflydd.com1457 Church Street Northwest, 20005
Good Wood (202) 986-3640 goodwooddc.com1428 U Str NW, 20009
Washington D.C. District Of Columbia County Washington

Galerie L'Enfant (202) 625-2873 www.lenfantgalerie.com1442 Wisconsin Avenu Northwest, 20007
www.thebrassknob.com2311 Eighteenth St Northwest, 20009
Cote Jardin Antiques (202) 333-3067 www.cotejardinantiques.com3218 O Street Northwest, 20007
Justine Mehlman Antiques (202) 337-0613 www.justinemehlmanantiques.com2824 Pennsylvania Aven NW, 20007
Susquehanna Antique (202) 333-1511 www.susquehannaantiques.com3216 O Strt NW, 20007
Diner Gallery (202) 483-5005 www.dinergallery.com1730 21st Strt NW, 20009
www.goredean.com3214 O Street Northwest, 20007
Adam A Weschler & Son (202) 628-1281 www.weschlers.com909 East Street Northwest, 20004
Tiny Jewel Box (202) 393-2747 www.tinyjewelbox.com1147 Connecticut Av NW, 20036
n Cherry Antiques (202) 342-3600 www.cherryantiques.com1526 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, 20007
Latelier Maison Et Jardin (202) 337-9066 Washington, DC 200072601 P Northwest Street
Cherishables (202) 785-4087 Washington, DC 200091608 Twentieth Street Northwest
Two Lions Antiques & Interiors (202) 546-5466 Washington, DC 20003507 Eleventh St SE
Nonomura Studios (202) 363-4025 Washington, DC 200083432 Connecticut Aven NW
Curious Goods (202) 387-6342 Washington, DC 200103463 Holmead Pl NW
R H Studio (202) 464-7400 Washington, DC 200073304 M Str NW
Cadeaux-Debe Stricklin Antiques (202) 333-1653 Washington, DC 200071653 Wisconsin Ave NW
Catharinne Roberts Antiques (202) 338-7410 Washington, DC 200071657 Wisconsin Avn NW
Antiques Of Georgetown (202) 965-1165 Washington, DC 200073210 O Street Northwest
David Bell Antiques (202) 965-2355 Washington, DC 200071655 Wisconsin Av NW
Mom & Pop Antiques (202) 722-0719 Washington, DC 200103534 Georgia Aven Northwest
Living Rooms (202) 333-3340 Washington, DC 200073231 P Street Northwest
Antiques Anonymous (202) 332-5555 Washington, DC 200082627 Connecticut Avnue NW
Kyser-Hollingsworth (202) 338-2050 Washington, DC 20007Washington
Bombe Chest (202) 387-7293 Washington, DC 200082629 Connecticut Avenue Northwest # 2
Milwee Frank (202) 333-4811 Washington, DC 200072912 M Street Northwest
Monarc Antique Rugs (202) 333-1234 Washington, DC 200071413 Wisconsin Avn NW
Washington Antique Show (202) 388-9560 Washington, DC 20002616 Nineteenth Str NE
Carling-Nichols (202) 338-5600 Washington, DC 200071675 Wisconsin Avnue NW
Kelsey's Kupboard (202) 298-6900 Washington, DC 200073003 P Street Northwest
Moss (202) 337-0540 Washington, DC 200071659 Wisconsin Avenu Northwest
Logans Antiques (202) 483-2428 Washington, DC 200103118 Mt Pleasant Street Northwest
Linen Press (202) 333-8575 Washington, DC 200071671 Wisconsin Av NW
Greater MT Calvary Bookstore (202) 832-4130 Washington, DC 20002616 Rhode Is Avnue NE
Java Antiques (202) 548-0265 Washington, DC 20003511 Eleventh Street Southeast
Blair House Antiquesw-Joy'S (202) 338-5349 Washington, DC 200071663 Wisconsin Avenu NW
LA Belle Epoque (202) 338-6417 Washington, DC 200071673 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Jade House (202) 342-1004 Washington, DC 200071077 Wisconsin Av NW
Marston Luce Antiques (202) 333-6800 Washington, DC 200071651 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
J Royal Jewelers (202) 333-1188 Washington, DC 200073222 M Street Northwest # M331
House Of Devine Inspiration (202) 397-4748 Washington, DC 20002524 Oklahoma Aven NE

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